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There are endless opportunities to plan and enjoy indoor activities for kids. Think of those rainy days, snow days and weekends, just to name a few.

“Mommy I’m bored.” We hear it all the time from our kids, especially on those rainy or snowy days! There are times when it’s play to be bored, and there are times where toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children simply need indoor activity ideas.

We scoped out some new indoor activity ideas for kids and found stumbled on some great indoor games for kids and rainy day activities for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children!

Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids

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Indoor Activities for Kids

Paint Rocks

Painting rocks can be done inside when the weather is too hot, too cold, or just plain too rainy. Make sure to stockpile your stash of rocks to pain before you get stuck inside for the day.

rock painting

Stained Glass Window Art

Get creative and set up a station to paint “stained glass windows.” Though they’re not real stained glass, it’s still a fun indoor activity for kids to enjoy. You can use glass picture frames to make these fun crafts.

Stained Glass Windows

Pipe Cleaner Animals and Insects

Pipe cleaners are so versatile that you can literally make anything that your mind can conjure up! Try this pipe cleaner spider on for size.

pipe cleaner spider tutorial

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Find your stash of pipe cleaners and have contests creating the best pipe cleaner finger puppets you can dream up!

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

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List of Indoor Games

There are all kinds of fun games that will keep your kids busy for hours of fun. Try these on for size.

Educational Money Games

Choose from a long list of money games for kids to beat the rainy day boredom. Have fun playing a game while learning all there is to know about money!

Money Games For Kids

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Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe can be played on paper but it’s more fun to play when you get creative. Use pipe cleaners to create your tic tac toe grid and then to make your x’s and o’x.

list of indoor games

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Letter Fridge Game

Put your ABC magnets to use by tracing them out onto a sheet of paper. Attach the paper to the fridge and have contests see how quickly the kids can complete the alphabet puzzle!

magnet alphabet game


Get creative and introduce a game from your childhood. If you’ve played Mash before, you might remember that it’s an addicting indoor activity for kids!

Play Mash
Indoor Group Games for Kids

Playing games inside is even more fun when you play in groups. Here are some easy indoor group games to start with.

Pictionary with Pipe Cleaners

Playing Pictionary growing up was always a favorite, but this new idea of playing Pictionary with pipe cleaners is even better! Mold your pipe cleaners into a quick and easy picture and have your team guess the object!

DIY pictionary - how to play pictionary

Leap Frog

So easy yet so fun, line up the kids and enjoy a game of leap frog! Even the dogs and stuffed animals can get in on the action.

Leap Frog

Pom Pom Game

If you need some indoor group games for kids, try this Pom Pom game. It’s an indoor game that will both entertain the kids and prune fine motor skills! Just make sure these colorful fluffs don’t get confused as candies.

Pom Pom Game

Indoor Activities for Kids At Home

There is plenty more to do inside on a rainy, cold day. When the kids are bored, try these activities.

Start an Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening is perfect for bringing a little sunshine back into the home after a long winter or rainy season. This is one of the indoor activities for kids that will keep kids smiling for months as they watch their plants grow!

indoor seed starter kit

Build An Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Building an indoor rock climbing wall is a project that mom, dad and the kids can enjoy. It takes planning and materials to make this happen, but the results are fantastic!

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Who says kids won’t enjoy an ongoing embroidering project? It’s one of those perfect indoor activities for kids that just keeps getting better over time!


Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers can be the hardest to please when stuck inside. That’s why you need to be creative and ready for some hands-on fun.

Homemade Bird Feeder

Indoor activities for preschoolers such as making a bird feeder allow kids to dream of the outdoors without being out there. This is a fun and artistic project for kids to do at home!

Homemade Bird Feeder

Tell Jokes

After the mess is cleaned and the kids are ready for more, try these silly jokes for kids to see how many giggles you can hear!

Funny Jokes For Kids

Sensory Hands-On Activities For Kids

Kids love sensory play. There are plenty of ways to capitalize on this while stuck inside.

Fake Snow

This two ingredient fake snow recipe makes being stuck indoors so easy! Sensory bins are a great way to keep kids appeased on those rainy days.

Fake Snow Recipe


You would probably be surprised how easy it is to make a batch of slime! This is a perfect hands-on activity for the kids to enjoy.

Slime Recipe

Edible Slime

We’ve all heard of making slime before, but have you tried this edible slime? Now this is a a classic example of playing with your food!

Edible Slime

Moon Sand

Try this super easy moon sand recipe and watch your kids build sandcastles in the kitchen! Just make sure to cover your play area with a tablecloth – though it’s certainly easy to clean up.

Moon sand recipe

Beach Themed Sensory Bin

There are many sensory bin ideas for kids, but this beach-themed sensory bin is perfect when the kids are missing the beach!

Beach Themed Sensory Bin

Kids Activities for Indoor Play

At the end of the day, kids just want to interact with you and enjoy hands-on fun. Indoor activities for kids can be just as special as those that can be accomplished outdoors. Make sure to give these fun kids activities a try and let us know which ones were enjoyed the most!

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indoor activities for kids

indoor activities for kids at home

indoor activities for kids

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