The Best Journal Starter Kit to Inspire Your Kids to Write

Last Updated May 28, 2020

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The day I packed up my childhood bedroom to head off to college, I found my old journal I used to write in when I was an elementary kid. The memories that flooded my mind reading each entry, reminiscing on my old friends, and thinking back to the people that were in my life then reminded me how much I loved writing. I couldn’t help but to smile, giggle (and cringe at my awful spelling) when reading my very own words.

Having a journal as a kid not only helped me to express myself creatively, it also helped my mom get a little bit of “mommy time” when she got home from work. My time to journal was also her time to journal, read, and put her feet up. It was a bonding time that I loved to share with her. Little did I know back then that I would become a writer thanks to finding the love of writing at an early age.

The Best Journal Starter Kit for Kids

Teach Your Kids to Write with a Journal Starter Kit

Journaling has many benefits for children! Getting your child started with their very own journal starter kit is a great way for them to tap into their own minds while also giving you more time for other things.

This printable on Etsy is the perfect place to start:


Who is this Journal Kit For?

This journaling kit is ideal to use when introducing your child to the concept of journaling. The prompts within this journal starter kit are perfect for the task!

This journaling kit is best for kids who:

  • Are between the ages of six and 12 years old;
  • Struggle to express themselves;
  • Cannot focus for more than a few minutes at a time;
  • Are visual learners;
  • Need creative stimulation;
  • Enjoy writing!

Kids Journal starter kit

The Benefits of Journaling for Kids

Having your school-aged children journal has tons of benefits. Here are a few to consider:

1. Improves writing skills:

The more a child practices their writing in a journal kit, the more practice they get to improve their writing skills. Whether they are writing about their day or writing a creative story in their journal, writing is an art itself and takes practice to master.

2. Prepares for a future in freelance writing:

Freelance writing is a popular career nowadays and it is widely needed. With the practice of writing in a journal, your child will find their niche early on in life. This could be writing books, movie reviews, product reviews, blog posts for the technology industry, medical writing, etc. The beauty of it all can begin with a journal starter kit!

3. Encourages creativity:

Children perform best when they have the ability to get creative. Whether they are building structures out of Legos, painting pictures, playing hide-n-seek, or writing. Their minds are encouraged to explore outside of the real world. You’d be amazed what they can conjure up with just a pen and piece of paper.

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4. Helps them learn to put their feelings into words:

A journaling kit can be used in the same way as a diary. Children can learn how to express their feelings and emotions in written form and help to generate a problem-solving method. When you see something written down (to-do list, pros and cons list, etc.) your mind works to find solutions. What better way to start this habit than by using a journal starter kit?

5. Stimulates the brain to recall and categorize events:

Journaling helps children recall events and categorize them into “first, second, then, after, etc.” sorting. This stimulates your brain and exercises memory skills.

6. Promotes good mental health strategies:

As moms, we understand the pressure of taking on the weight of the world. Sometimes, writing out our thoughts makes us feel better after a long day or week. The same goes for children! Start them on a good mental health habit of writing their thoughts down so they can get their minds clear of any anxiety.

What You Get

The best thing about this journal starter kit is that you make one purchase and can print and reprint more copies when needed! You can also print again and again for all the children in your home.

Your digital download gets you:

    • 10 pages of journal decorations and shapes (print duplicates to fill up an entire journal!);
    • 4 daily questions (date, time, feelings, summarize the day);
    • 120 journal prompts for kids (encourage your kids to elaborate on each prompt);
    • A total of 32 pages to print, cut, and paste into a notebook to create a kid-friendly journal.

What You’ll Need

Once you have your child’s digital journal kit printed out, all you will need are:

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How to Start a Journal with Your Kid Today

Children using this journal starter kit promote their brain activity and develop their writing skills. What better activity to use when you’re stuck inside or bored at home? Using this journal space to get creative has benefits for moms as well! Sometimes, we just need a few more minutes to get things done and a journal writing activity is just the answer. Download this printable kit and help your child start a journal today!

Printable Journal + Kit for Kids with Journal Prompts

Best Journal Starter Kit for Kids

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