This policy provides a description of how Moms Collab will protect customer privacy.

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(1) Information collected

(a) Information including that of your computer’s IP address, location, browser, operating system, reference point, visit duration, viewed pages, and web navigation may be gathered, stored, and used.

(b) Information including financial transactions between you and Moms Collab such as the purchasing of our services.

(c) Information that you give to us through our contact forms such as email address for promotions, quotes, or invoicing.

(d) Information that you give to us through email or other conversation.

(2) Cookies

A cookie is a piece of information that a web server will send to a web browser to be stored in that browser. Every time the browser opens a page from the server, that piece of information gets sent back to the server. Through this process, the web server can recognize and keep track of activities performed by the web browser.

Google Analytics is the system that we use to examine how our website is used. Statistics and other pertinent information are generated using Google Analytics using these cookies that are stored on visitors’ computers. Reports are created using the information gathered about the usage of our website. Google stores this information for research purposes. You can review Google’s privacy policy here:

Browsers normally let you refuse all cookies, but some only let you refuse third party cookies. Blocking all cookies usually has a bad effect on the usefulness of the most sites.

(3) Use of your personal information

We will only use your personal information as stated in our privacy policy.

The following are reasons why we may use your personal information:

(a) To manage our website.

(b) To advance your browsing experience through website personalizing.

(c) To allow you to use our services.

(d) To send you your final product purchased from our website.

(e) To provide you with invoices and receipts and to collect your payment.

(f) To send standard communication about your requested service.

(g) To send email when requested.

(h) To send newsletters, promotions and discount pricing; all of which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

(i) To provide third parties with statistics about our visitors – none of which will identify any user.

(j) To respond to reviews or grievances made to us by or about you in relation to our website.

(k) We will not give your personal information to any other party for marketing purposes.

(4) Disclosures

Employees, subcontractors, officers, or agents may be allowed information regarding you for the reasons listed in our privacy policy. The following are reasons why we might release your personal information:

(a) If we are required to by law.

(b) If your information is pertinent to any legal proceedings or possible legal proceedings.

(c) So that we may begin, implement or protect our legal rights (such as giving information to others for fraud prevention and reduction of credit risk).

(d) To potential purchasers of any part of our business or business assets which we are considering selling.

(e) To persons who we truly believe will otherwise apply to a court or authority figure for revelation of personal information that would likely be ordered to be disclosed by the court.

We will not otherwise give your personal information to third parties.

(5) Security of your personal information

We will make reasonable efforts and defenses against the loss, mismanagement or modification of your personal information.

We will only make transactions through secured, recognizes sources such as PayPal.

We cannot guarantee that data will be protected over the internet.

(6) Policy amendments

We reserve the right to revise our privacy policy by posting a new copy on our website. For updates, check this page to make sure you still agree with our policies.

We may inform you of our changes via email.

(7) Your rights

You may request any of your personal information that we retain. A fee of $15 and the appropriate identification is first required. A copy of your passport certified by a solicitor or bank along with an original copy of a utility bill with your current address will be sufficient.

We may possibly refuse personal information as permitted by law.

At any time, you may request that we not administer your personal information for the purpose of marketing. Likely you will either be given the opportunity to receive marketing from us or you will have the option of opting out.

(8) Third party websites

Be aware that links to other websites are included on this website. Third parties will provide their own privacy policies of which we are not accountable.

(9) Updating information

It is up to you to ensure that your information is up to date and correct.

(10) Contact

Questions of any kind may be submitted to us via our contact form or you may write to us:

Moms Collab

Post Office Box 391

Springville NY, 14141