60 Craft Materials You Can Find In Your Own Home (For Free)

Last Updated Sep 20, 2022

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Every home with children needs craft materials to make the days go by smoothly. Without craft supplies, kids get bored, listless and just plain grouchy.

Okay so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but then again, the number of times we’ve heard kids beg to “do crafts” is practically innumerable.

Material For Craft Making

So how do you find craft materials on a whim and what should knick-knacks should you save in order to stock the perfect material for craft making?

Well, you’re in luck, because this extensive craft materials list is mostly made up of items that can be found in your own home. Yes, there are always going to be a few things to buy here and there, but chances are you have some of that on hand already.

So let’s talk about craft materials. Do you have these common household items that can easily double as craft supplies? Let’s run through the list to find out!

Craft Materials You Can Find in Your Home for Free

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Get the Essential Craft Materials Online

But first, you may need to get these craft materials online in order to complete your stash. If you have some of them already, you’re ahead of the game!


Paint is one of those things that you just can’t replace. Depending on the type of crafting you or your kids like to do, choose a paint that fits the typical project. A few options are washable finger paints for fun paper crafts or acrylics for rock painting.

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are semi-optional depending on the project. If the kids are painting with finger paints, chalk paint, or other washable paints, then try substituting paintbrushes with Q-tips, frayed toothpicks or fingers. For more keepsake crafts, grab a cheap set of paint brushes to add to your craft materials.


There is just no substitute for good old fashioned crayons! Sorry. You’re going to have to dig through the old craft supplies bin or pick get these craft materials online.


For kids’ crafts, we like the good old “fold, lick and tear” method. But if you’re really trying to round out your craft materials, then grab a pair of scissors for your stash.


Glue is another craft supply that could sometimes be replaced with a flour and water solution if you’re really in a bind. But we like to have at least a small bottle on hand at all times. Plus it’s great to have around for making slime!


Last, but not least, tape is another one of those craft materials that is hard to do without. This should be one of the last “necessities” for creating diy kids crafts.

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60 Craft Supplies (From Your Own Home)

Here is the fun list of craft supplies that we’ve all been waiting for. These items are commonly found in every household, and you can use them to make baby shower gifts, mother/father’s day cards, and all sorts of crafts. Make sure to think twice before tossing these DIY craft supplies in the trash!

1. Buttons

Buttons are great for a number of reasons. You can use them for their intended purpose (sewing clothes) or get creative and use them as noses for puppets, eyes for stuffed animals, or embellishments on just about anything. Plus, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’re sure to find just the right button for your project.

2. Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are the perfect base for all sorts of crafts. You can make binoculars, telescopes, dolls, wreaths, and so much more. Just use your imagination and let those toilet paper rolls inspire you.

3. Paper Towel Rolls

Turn them into drumsticks, telescopes, trumpets, or anything else your kids can dream up. The possibilities are endless when you help them use their imaginations.

4. Tissue Paper

Use it to create colorful mosaics or origami flowers. It’s also great for wrapping delicate items like breakable figurines. Older kids can even use it to create papier-mâché masks or sculptures.

5. Pipe Cleaners

Curl them, twist them, or use them as-is to add some extra flair to your next project. They work great for adding texture or for sticking smaller pieces together.

6. Small Boxes

Turn them into houses, cars, or whatever else your kids can dream up. Or, use them to store all those smaller craft supplies like beads, buttons, and pipe cleaners.

7. Popsicle Sticks

Use popsicle sticks to make picture frames, photo booths, birdhouses, and more. They’re also great for making puppets and other small toys.

8. Yarn

Whether you’re using it to knit, crochet, or weave, yarn is a must-have craft supply. It comes in all sorts of colors, so you’re sure to find just the right shade for your project. You can even unravel an old sweater or blanket that is no longer being used to restock your supply of yarn.

9. Fabric Scraps

Turn them into a quilt, a pillow, or a stuffed animal. Or get creative and use them to make a banner, some curtains, or a piece of wall art.

10. Old Clothes

Turn an old t-shirt into a pillowcase or a tote bag. Or use some fabric scraps to make a patchwork blanket. There are so many possibilities when it comes to repurposing old clothes into something new and creative.

11. Scrap Paper

Use it to make origami, paper airplanes, or a collage. Or get really creative and use it to make your own wrapping paper, gift tags, or cards.

12. Stickers

Use them to decorate just about anything. Or make your own stickers using wax paper and tape.

13. Sequins

Add some sparkle to your next project with sequins. You can use them to decorate just about anything, from clothing to picture frames.

14. Beads

String them together to make jewelry or add them to a fabric project for some extra embellishment. You can also use them to make keychains, zipper pulls, and other small trinkets.

15. Ribbon

Use it to tie things together, make a bow, or add some extra decoration to a project. Ribbon comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find just the right one for your project.

16. Feathers

Use them to decorate clothing, hats, or purses. Or add them to a wreath, a bouquet of flowers, or any other decorative project.

17. Paper Plates

Turn them into masks, hats, or puppets. Or use them to make a collage or a piece of wall art.

18. Paper Cups

Turn them into flowers, animals, or whatever else your kids can dream up. Or use them to make a mobile or some other type of hanging decoration.

19. Index Cards

Use them to make flashcards, memory games, or a game of Go Fish. Or get creative and use them to make your own trading cards or recipe cards.

20. Egg Cartons

These are perfect for holding small beads or other craft supplies. They can also be used to create puppets, flowers, and even lamps. Just be sure to save those Styrofoam ones for crafts only—you don’t want raw eggs getting mixed in with the beads!

21. Milk Jugs

Turn them into a piggy bank, a plant holder, or a storage container. Or use them to make a bird feeder, a butterfly house, or some other type of outdoor decoration.

22. Cereal Boxes

Turn them into a mailbox, a robot, or a book cover. Or use them to make a game board, a picture frame, or a bulletin board.

23. Picture Frames

Turn them into a dry-erase board, a chalkboard, or a magnet board. Or use them to make a collage or a shadow box. Old picture frames usually get tossed in the trash or donated to thrift stores because most people don’t realize that they double as a great craft supply.

24. Old Magazines

Use them to make a collage, some wrapping paper, or a set of coasters. Or get really creative and use them to make your own scrapbook.

More DIY Craft Supplies

Now that you know what to look for, here are some more ideas for DIY craft supplies:

  1. Styrofoam balls
  2. Foam sheets
  3. Construction paper
  4. Empty tissue boxes
  5. Milk jug lids
  6. Old table cloths
  7. Newspapers
  8. Flowers
  9. Rocks
  10. Sticks
  11. Leaves
  12. Acorns
  13. Seashells
  14. Plastic food containers
  15. Zippers
  16. Ribbons
  17. String
  18. Old towels
  19. Old washcloths
  20. Sheets
  21. Pillowcases
  22. Rubber bands
  23. Plastic bags
  24. Straws
  25. Tinfoil
  26. Clothespins
  27. Wrapping paper
  28. Old totes
  29. Bibs
  30. Ice mold
  31. Jars
  32. Toothpicks
  33. Q-tips
  34. Paper bags
  35. Pop bottles
  36. Tin cans

This list of craft materials is as raw as it gets. By saving these unneeded items from the trash, your craft supplies stash will be bursting at the seams!

Let us know in the comments what household items you have added to your craft materials. We’re always looking for new ideas!

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