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(1) Introduction

The following are the terms and conditions of the Moms Collab website. Your use of our website indicates that you accept and agree with the terms and conditions in full. We request that users are at least the age of 18; users of our website affirm that they are at least the age of 18.

(2) License to use website

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You must not:

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c) Edit information from our website

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(3) Acceptable use

You must not cause damage to our website or use our website for illegal actions. You must not use our website in conjunction with any malicious computer software. Without our specific written consent, you must not gather information from our website robotically or use our website for advertisement. You must not send any unwanted advertisements with our website.

(4) User generated content

For the purpose of these terms of use, user-generated content refers to any material that you submit to our website.

You allow us complete freedom, free of royalties, to adjust, copy, use, and issue the user-generated content. These rights are also extended to sub-licensees, and we retain the right to bring legal action for violation of these rights.

The user-generated content you submit must not be illegal, nor must it hold any possibility of rising to legal action against you or our third party website. No user-generated content shall be submitted that has had legal action or the threat of legal action.

Any user-generated content published or hosted by our website, saved on our servers, or submitted to our website are subject to be deleted or edited by us at our discretion.

(5) Limited warranties

We do not guarantee the information on the website is always up-to-date, complete, or accurate.

(6) Limitations and exclusions of liability

These terms of use will not allow for limitations or exclusions of our or your liability for fraud or falsification, or personal injury or death, nor will the terms of use limit or exclude our or your liabilities that are not allowable or omitted under applicable law. All limitations and exclusions throughout these terms of use are subject to this paragraph and oversee all liabilities that develop in regards to the topic of the terms of use.

Other than a satisfaction guarantee refund, we are not responsible for any further injury or loss. We accept no liability for any damage that result from circumstances outside our control. In addition, we are not liable for any of your business losses; distortion or loss of information, software, or database; or any of your indirect, personal loss.

(7) Indemnity

You will insure that we are protected against any charges, harm, losses, and expenses we experience if you violate any of these terms of use.

(8) Breaches of these terms and conditions

If you violate any of these terms of use, we reserve the right to take the necessary action against you, including but not limited to prohibiting your use of our website and legal action against you.

(9) Variation

We reserve the right to modify the terms of use, and request that you check the terms of use on a regular basis for changes. The changes we make to the terms of use will be applicable from the date the changes are posted on the website.

(10) Assignment

We reserve the right to assign or hire out to exercise our rights from these terms of use without giving you notice or asking your permission. You may not assign or hire out to exercise your rights from these terms of use.

(11) Severability

If any portion of these terms of use is found to be unlawful by a court or other experienced authority, then that portion of the terms of use will be deleted, while the rest of the terms of use will remain valid.

(12) Exclusion of third party rights

The purpose of these terms of use is to protect and assist you and us, and is not for the purpose of assisting any third parties. We or you do not need the permission of any third party in order to carry our rights.

(13) Entire agreement

The terms of use, along with the privacy policy, establish the contract between us and your use of our website.

(14) Law and jurisdiction

Federal law will be used to interpret and enforce these terms of use.