7 Pipe Cleaner Crafts And Activities That Are Fun and Easy for Kids!

Last Updated May 16, 2020

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Pipe cleaner crafts are a fantastic hands on activity for kids with busy hands and creative minds. Using pipe cleaners and other optional craft supplies, kids of all ages can have a blast bringing to life new and exciting creations!

Some popular ideas for pipe cleaner crafts include animals, flowers, a butterfly, jewelry (like bracelets and rose ring), monsters, finger puppets and dream catchers. The opportunities to create with pipe cleaners are endless.

But beyond the different objects you can create using pipe cleaners, consider also the many games and hands on activities that can be enjoyed. We’ll show you some of our favorites so that you can finally find a use for your pipe cleaner craft supplies.

pipe cleaner crafts for kids

Easy Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Animals and Bugs

Pipe cleaners are so flexible that a crafty kid can create any animal or bug using just a few pieces. These pipe cleaner spiders are just one fun example of pipe cleaner animals and bugs.

pipe cleaner animals

Pipe Cleaner Craft Tree

Try this adorable pipe cleaner craft and create your own fall scenes and decorations. Kids love dreaming up new ways to decorate the home for each season.

Easy pipe cleaner crafts - tree

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Find your stash of pipe cleaners and have contests creating the best pipe cleaner finger puppets you can dream up.

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Pipe Cleaner Games


Pictionary is a group guessing game that allows kids to expressive their creative talents in a rave against the clock. This diy Pictionary brings pipe cleaner crafts into the mix by teach kids to mold them into various shapes and sizes for others to guess.

pipe cleaner crafts - Love Bug Car

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a two player game that can be played with pen and paper. But creating your own tic tac toe board, Xs and Os with pipe cleaners is far more fun and creative than scribbling them on paper.

pipe cleaner crafts games

Indoor Ring Toss

The word “toss” in relation to an indoor game is scary, but try this easy diy ring toss game using pipe cleaners and a paper towel roll! It’s a simple pipe cleaner game that takes minutes to create. And no lamps or picture frames should get broken with this ring toss game!

pipe cleaner games ring toss

Pipe Cleaner Activities

Color Sorting For Toddlers

With close adult supervision, even your toddler can enjoy learning and playing with pipe cleaner crafts. This pipe cleaner color sorter helps kids learn their colors in a fun and unique way.

Pipe Cleaner Activities - Color Sorting

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

There are far too many pipe cleaner crafts to include them all in one place, but these should help give you new and fresh ideas to get started.

Whether you’re going to create animals, flowers, games, a butterfly, jewelry (like bracelets and rose ring), monsters, finger puppets or dream catchers, we want to see your creations!

Comment below with your favorite pipe cleaner crafts and let us know what you think.

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

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