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There are hundreds of reasons why you might need to find the perfect heart template for a project or craft: a special Valentine card, a craft, a coloring page for the kids, etc.

When I try to hand draw hearts, they end up looking too short, too wide, or just not symmetric. That’s when I realized there is no reason I can’t trace them using free heart templates.

Now when I need to draw the perfect heart, it’s easier than ever to cut out these small, medium, and large heart templates.

I’ve scoured the web for FREE personal and commercial use templates that I can use for every project. From plain and simple hearts, to unique templates with cat paws or swirls, there’s truly a heart here for every occasion.

Free Printable Heart Templates

32 Heart Templates You Can Print and Cut Out for Free

You can download any of these heart templates for free to use in any way, shape, or form you can imagine. Simply click on the buttons below to open and save the hearts you need. They are all free use designs which means you are not required to give image credit.

If you do have a reason to share this entire list of free heart printables online, I do ask that you link back to this post and not copy/paste any text as the text is NOT free to use. Thank you for sharing!

Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the free heart template PDF that includes ALL hearts on this list!

1. Plain Round Heart Template

A plain, rounded heart template for the perfectly symmetrical hearts. Download, print, and use this image as a heart stencil again and again.

plain round heart template

2. Plain Tall Heart Template

Need a tall, slender heart stencil? This one should do the trick! A symmetrical, tall, skinny heart that’s just the right size for making beautiful, professional hearts by hand.

plain tall heart template

3. Hand Drawn Hearts

Need some hearts that look hand drawn, off-centered, yet sleek? This set of three heart templates should do the trick. Trace them in all different positions and angles to fill any page with love.

heart hand drawn

4. Arrow Through Heart Cupid Template

Cupid is in the building and he’s ready to spread the love with his c.lassive arrow through the heart! Use this template to create cute, asymmetrical hearts.

arrow through heart cupid template

5. Heart Spirals Swirls

This sweet, swirly design will take a slow hand and keen eye to replicate, but thee end design will make a perfect Valentine card or lovely decoration.

heart spirals twirls

6. Heart with Fingers

This classic sillouhette of hands making a heart shape is perfect to cut out and trace onto the paper of your choice. Show your love and devotion with this cute hand gesture.

heart with fingers

7. Broken Heart Template

Which one doesn’t belong? This is the only sad, broken heart template you’ll find on this list. Use this image to express your sadness, or just have fun with this one.

broken heart template

8. Heart Ink Splash

Here is the perfect heart shape pattern design for art lovers! This would make a great tattoo or simple design to replicate on paper using paint brushes to create paint splashes and smudges.

heart ink splash

9. Flying Heart with Wings

Be careful these hearts with wings don’t fly away! What a fun design to trace or paste onto paper.

heart flying wings

10. Heart with Love Birds

This heart with flying love birds is a simple design to replicate on paper. Use creative liberty or trace each line as closely as possible for the perfect result.

heart love birds

11. Heart with Rose

Easy to draw heart design with a rose impression for beautiful cards or easy DIY drawing lessons. Use this free heart template for any project.

heart rose

12. Heart with Ornament Line

This free printable heart would make a great paper border! Trace it onto any page or cut it out to use as a stencil.

heart ornament line

13. heart with zebra stripes

A unique heart template printable design with zebra stripes, this design is easy to cut out and use again and again.

heart zebra stripes

14. Abstract Heart

A heart template made up of abstract art and cool designs makes a fun printable to paste into a journal or make stickers using tape and wax paper.

abstract heart

15. 2020 Heartbeat

This 2020 heartbeat template is perfect for survivors. Make them a get-well-soon card or print and color this fun design.

heart 2020 heartbeat

16. Heart with Butterflies

This heart is riddled with all kinds of butterflies and moths of different shapes and sizes. Enjoy the heart-shape or break it apart and use the butterflies alone.

heart butterflies

17. Heart with Paw Prints

Paw print hearts are perfect for animal lovers. These prints could pass as cats, dogs, bears, and more. Print, trace, or paste these printable hearts.

heart cat paw prints

18. Heart with Cats and Kittens

Cat and kitten lovers, these hearts are for you. Show your loveĀ and your support for all of the cats in your loved one’s life.

heart cats and kittens

19. Heart Decoration

Decorate your life with these spirally, twisty, and curly heart design templates. They can be hard to trace, but simple to replicate with your own twist.

heart decoration

20. Decorative Heart

More curls and twists make up this heart-shaped template to cut out. Dowload your copy and make this design your own.

heart decorations

21. Heart Decorative Ornamental

An ornamental heart is perfect for a DIY kids journal. Trace these throughout your journal, notebook, or scrap paper for a fun an crafty project.

heart decorative ornamental

22. Heart Family Holding Hands

Moms, girls, and boys all hold hands and form a heart template. This is a perfect family and kids-friendly design to cut out and paste.

heart family holding hands

23. Heart Finger Print

It’s easy to make finger print hearts of your own. Just make tiny hearts and cut out theĀ inside of them to leave a stencil outside shape. Then, paint your thumb, lay the stencil onto a new page, and press your thumb down to create this fun design!

heart finger print

24. Heart Key Hole

Give your love the key to your heart with this unique key and lock stencil. It’s perfect for Valentine’s day or any day to show your love.

heart key hole

25. Heart Kids Playing Outline

Bouncing, tumbling, jumping kids form this printable heart. It makes a great coloring page for kids to gift to parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s day.

heart kids playing outline

26. Heart Know Jesus Know Peace

Replicate this “Know Jesus Know Peace” heart with your own handwriting, or download, cut, and paste this design. Add some color to your heart and enjoy.

heart know Jesus know peace

27. Heart Musical Notes Outline

Outline your hearts with musical notes, treble clefs, and bass clefs. Perfect for music lovers and simple to replicate with a steady hand and a clear vision.

heart musical notes outline

28. Heart Musical Notes Outline

There’s no rhyme or reason to this conglomeration of musical graphics. Just squish them into a heart shape and enjoy your creation.

heart musical notes

29. Heart Paw Prints Outline

More cute paw prints walk their way around this heart template. Cut out and paste or stencil these cute prints onto your own page.

heart paw prints outline

30. Heart Tree Branches Leaves

Stencil this elaborate design onto a page and create a family tree inside of a heart shape. It’s a simple concept and easy to draw leaves to fill in the picture.

heart tree branches leaves

31. Heart with Hands

Another sillouhette of hands forming a heart that you can cut out and trace onto any page. Send your love to family or friends, or add to your diary pages for fun.

heart with hands

32. Heart Woman Stretch Dance

Dance, stretch, twirl, or spin your way to his heart using this fun template. Make a similar design by hand or print a copy to paste or trace.

heart woman stretch dance

Free Heart Template for Every Ocassion!

There are no limitations to what you could do with these amazing heart templates. Print the ones you love, make copies, and use them again and again for any project imaginable.

I love to print hearts to DIY Valentine’s day cards for my kids. It’s so much cheaper than buying them from the store, just to get lost in the shuffle of gifts from other classmates and friends.

What will you do with these small, medium, and large heart templates? Share some ideas in the comments, and make sure to share this post with your friends and family!

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