Pipe Cleaner Spider and Spiders Web for Halloween Kids Craft Tutorial

Last Updated Apr 21, 2020

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It’s that time of year where diy spiders crawl out of the woodwork and nest in their fake spider webs. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share our pipe cleaner spider and web tutorial!

DIY Pipe Cleaner Spiders

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Pipe cleaners are one of the best craft supplies for pipe cleaner spiders for Halloween because they are easy to bend into any shape. Once you get the basic idea of how to make a pipe cleaner spider, you can make them in all shapes, sizes and colors.

This one is our favorite because if you close one eye and squint the other, it actually looks real! If someone caught a glimpse of this spider lurking in its pipe cleaner spider web, we’re sure you’ll get a few gasps.

pipe cleaner spider

How to make a pipe cleaner spider (easy)

This one takes a few minutes to get the hang of, but overall, we rate this pipe cleaner spider easy. It may even take a few tries, but don’t give up! Soon, you’ll have perfected your pipe cleaner spider making abilities.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without fake black spiders and cobwebs! If you think about it, this one is kind of cute a fuzzy!

pipe cleaner spider for Halloween

Pipe Cleaner Spider and Web Supplies

  • 7 pieces of black or brown pipe cleaner for your spider (or other color of choice)
  • 8 pieces of white pipe cleaner for your spider’s web

How to make a pipe cleaner spider

1. Lay 4 black or brown pipe cleaners in a “star” figure. These will be your spider’s 8 legs. The length of each leg should be as even as possible.

2. At the center of your “star”, grasp 4 legs with one index finger and thumb and the other 4 legs with your other index finger and thumb. Give them 3 firm twists in the center to hold your spider together.

pipe cleaner spiders

3. Take your 5th pipe cleaner and twist one end at the very center of your spider. In a spiral motion, weave this pipe cleaner in and out of the spider’s legs until you run out of length.

4. Twist your 6th pipe cleaner tightly to the end of your 5th piece and continue to weave around your spider’s legs, creating the body. This time, gently pop up the center of your spider from beneath it and with each weave of the 6th pipe cleaner, cinch your spider’s body a little tighter. This will give you the round body.

pipe cleaner spiders for halloween

5. Do the same with your 6th and 7th piece of pipe cleaner, leaving just enough at the very end to create the spider’s head. This might look something like the brim of a baseball cap, for example.

how to make spider with pipe cleaners

6. Give your spider some knees and feet by bending each leg out near the top and under near the bottom.

pipe cleaner spider legs

7. Bend all 8 legs to complete your pipe cleaner spider!

pipe cleaner spider instructions

How to make a pipe cleaner spider web

1. Lay 4 white pipe cleaners in a “star” figure and twist the center 3 times just like you did when creating your spider’s legs.

2. Twist your 5th pip cleaner 1/3 of the way up from the center of your spider web.

how to make a spider web with pipe cleaners

3. Connect this pipe cleaner to each “leg” of the spider web by twisting it around each one. As you run out of length, add a pipe cleaner and continue this spiral motion.

pipe cleaner spider web

4. Spiral your way to the outside edges of the web and secure your loose end.

diy spider web

5. Secure down your additional end pieces (or use them as an easy way to hang your spider web).

pipe cleaner spider web for halloween

Enjoy Your Pipe Cleaner Spiders for Halloween!

This is a fantastic Halloween craft for busy fingers to tackle! Make spiders of all shapes, sizes and colors with this easy pipe cleaner spiders tutorial.

Hang your spooky spiders anywhere as fun decorations for everyone to enjoy!

spooky diy halloween spiders

how to make a spooky spider for halloween with pipe cleaners

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