11 Chores Kids Can Actually Help With (To Save Mom’s Sanity)

Last Updated Mar 27, 2020

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If you’re a little OCD like I am, perhaps allowing the kids to help with chores around the house is a scary thought.

But there’s a time when holding your children back from learning to help with chores becomes overbearing. In fact, it does them a disservice in the long run.

Take me for example. I grew up in a house full of 9 children and somehow I ducked out of my fair share of cooking. Today, I struggle through the very basics of making soups, cooking meats properly and often slapping together sandwiches (just kidding on that last one).

When moms avoid teaching kids to complete chores, it reflects on their futures more than you know.

So without further ado, here are 11 chores that kids need to start learning young.

Chores Any Kid Can Do

11 Chores for Kids

It’s never too late to start teaching your kids how to do these chores.

1. Washing the Dishes

I used to dread teaching my son to do dishes because of the watery mess waiting to happen, but it wasn’t all bad! After only a few hard lessons, kids can quickly learn to keep the water in the sink where it belongs.

Grab a washcloth, dish soap and an apron and get sudsy!

2. Vacuuming

After conquering the initial shock of the loud noises that come out of the big bad vacuum. Kids can quickly learn to clean the floors. Keep a close eye (or hand on) small children because working with any electric machine can be dangerous.

3. Collecting Dirty Laundry

Just because there’s a laundry basket in the bathroom, doesn’t mean the stinky pile of clothes needs to camp there for a week. Have your children bring the dirty laundry straight to the washing machine on a daily basis. At the very least, you can ask them to bring the clothes over on laundry day.

4. Folding Laundry

Now you’re probably thinking I’m crazy to suggest a child could fold laundry, but bear with me! Instead of setting your children down with a full laundry basket, give them the unmatched pile of socks and make a game of it. The one who matches the most pairs of socks in ten minutes wins!

5. Taking out the Trash

Nothing smells worse than a full trash bin festering for a full week on end. Kids can smell, too, you know. Encourage your child to empty all garbage cans throughout the home every 2 to 3 days. Then, as soon as the main trash bin is full, have them help remove it into the garage until garbage day.

6. Cleaning the Toilets

If you’re not making the mess, then why be the only one to clean it up? Toilets can be the worst areas to clean when you have little boys around the home. When your son reaches a responsible age, grab the toilet bowl cleaner and gloves and teach him how to make it sparkle.

7. Feeding the Animals

Whether you have a family pet fish, cat or dog, making sure he’s fed daily is a chore in itself. Teach your kids the importance of their own daily meals and how to consistently feed your pet the correct amount of food. Fresh water should be provided as well.

8. Organizing Toys

Throwing toys into a toy bin is one thing, but spending some extra time organizing the toys is another. If he can get it out, he can put it away. Spend time showing your child the importance of keeping toy sets organized. What good are Legos if they aren’t kept together in one tidy spot?

9. Prepping Food

Perhaps start small and encourage your children to prepare their own sandwich for lunch. But as they grow, learning to prep and cook food is an important talent for both girls and boys. Your children will appreciate the lessons when they first go to college or move to their own apartment.

10. Gardening

Plenty of outdoor chores are suitable for tiny helping hands. Don’t forget to work on that green thumb and teach your children to take care of the garden. Weeding, planting and mowing are just a few things that kids can help with upon reaching an appropriate age.

11. Keeping Surfaces Cleared

And last, but not least, kids can help keep your countertops and side table surfaces cleared of unnecessary clutter. For some reason, every flat, elevated surface in our home is a clutter magnet. The kids are fully capable of clearing their own things from surfaces and tucking them neatly back where they belong.

Kids Can Help Clean, Too

So, there you have it. Try to involve your children with household chores starting at a young age. If you have to rewash a few dishes or vacuum the floors a second time, that’s okay! Children quickly learn your standards and need only to be taught how to properly l clean the home.

What chores do you have the family help with in your home? Share in the comments!

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