11 Amazing Relaxing Gifts For Mom (Perfect For Any Occasion)

Last Updated Sep 20, 2022

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Sometimes mom just needs to relax. She cooks, cleans, cares for the kids and quite often works a full-time job on top of it all. Whether she works outside of the home or not, mom needs time to relax – and these fun, relaxing gifts for mom are the perfect solution!

To The Working and Stay-At-Home Mom

Have you ever worked a 10-hour shift only to come home and find dishes in the sink, food to prepare, toys to clean up and kids to bathe? Or perhaps you stay at home and work on these things from morning to night already?

If so, I feel you, sweet momma. Kids are a precious gift but require a lot of love and attention. It’s a tiresome yet rewarding job in itself to raise a child!

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a break.

Moms, you need to take a break in order to retain your sanity.

Dads, you need to give moms a break in order to retain your sanity.

If you’re tired of wondering how to help each other out and keep your household running smoothly, it often comes down to providing mom with some relaxing time off.

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Gifts for the Stressesd out Mom

11 Gifts for Mom’s Relaxation

These relaxing gifts for mom will help bring sanity and relaxation into the home so that everyone can be happy. Give these products a try and you just might find the perfect solution to slow down your crazy busy life at home!

1. Bath bombs

Mom needs to take care of herself and stop putting off that shower or bath “for just one more day.” Give her the gift of relaxing bath bombs, draw a hot bath, close and lock the door and let her enjoy!

bath bombs - relaxing gifts for mom
2. Relaxing music

Classical music is a perfect relaxing gift for mom. When life gets noisy and uptight, a few quiet minutes listening to classical music will calm the storm.

relaxing classical music

3. Waterproof headphones or Bluetooth speaker

What would be more perfect to accompany mom’s bath bombs and relaxing music than waterproof headphones or Bluetooth speakers so that she can drown out the noisiness of life? Nothing says relaxation like a hot, fizzy bath mixed with relaxing music.

4. The Perfect Drink Blender

While she’s relaxing, make sure mom has a drink to enjoy. As long as she has a reliable blender in her possession, she can prepare anything from smoothies to milkshakes, to frozen coffees or cappuccinos. Make sure to compare some of your options and choose the right blender for mom.

5. Jane Austen Book Collection

Maybe mom is a reader and would love the relaxing gift of a book collection! Jane Austen’s endless classics are the perfect gift to help mom take time for herself.

set of Jane Austen books

6. Scented Candles

Nothing aids relaxation more than the relaxing aroma of a scented candle. This set of six votive candles contains scents that are known to settle anxiety and promote relaxation.

relaxing scented candles

7. Chick Flicks

A nice, quiet movie night with friends (or self) is one of the best relaxating gifts for mom. There are so many lovable chick flicks to choose from that mom would be happy to watch in a quiet, dark setting.

chick flicks dvd set

8. A night out with friends

Maybe your lady isn’t an introvert but finds the most relaxation when out with a few friends. Have you looked at Groupon lately for local deals? There are some pretty amazing fun places to send your wife/mom from a fancy dinner to a 2-night stay at a hotel with a spa. Check out all of the amazing deals in your area on Groupon.

9. A quiet dinner for two

A quiet, romantic dinner may be the answer to mom’s need for relaxation and anxiety relief. Purchase a discounted gift card to her favorite restaurant (she won’t even know it was discounted!) and schedule a night that she can get away. The kids can spend the evening with grandma, an aunt, or hire a babysitter.

10. Massager

Does mom struggle with neck or back pains due to stress and anxiety? A deep tissue massager would be one of the best relaxing gifts for mom to enjoy. This is a relaxing gift that will last for years to come.

massager - relaxing gift for mom

11. A meaningful conversation about mom’s needs

Sometimes mom spends so much time caring for others than she forgets to care for herself. If money is tight, maybe one of the most relaxing gifts for mom is a conversation that focuses on her. Dad or kids can facilitate this healthy conversation with mom. She may not know she needs it, but once you start, it will definitely help her relax and focus on self-care.

Bonus: An automatic vacuum

Okay, this one might a dream, but every iRobot Roomba mom wants an aka robot vacuum. I’ve not met one mom who claims to enjoy vacuuming floors – and it’s something that needs to be done often. If you really want momma to relax, buy her something that will do her work for her!

Need more relaxing gift ideas? Check out this list of ideas for working moms.

Relaxing Gifts For Mom

So how about it? Try gifting mom something that will aid in her relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. She may not admit it, but she needs time for herself.

Mom, if you’re reading this, I get it. There is nothing wrong with needed time for yourself to recharge! No one can expect you to run on empty 100% of the time. Treat yourself and choose a gift that will only help you be a better mom, wife and self.

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relaxing gift ideas for mom

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