18 Jumbo Lawn Games that Will Spice Up Any Outdoor Party

Last Updated Jun 03, 2020

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As spring time welcomes us and summer draws near, many families look for ways to stay active outside. If your children are anything like mine, I can’t keep my son indoors long enough to get anything done. Therefore, I look for ways to connect with him outdoors, like using giant lawn games to fulfill his desire to be outside.

Whether you are looking to host a party or just want something to keep the kids entertained, giant yard games will do just the trick! The variety of jumbo games available are enough to quench anyone’s competitive thirst.

Find the best giant yard games for kids (and adults) to begin making memories that will last for years to come.

Best Backyard Games for Kids

18 of the Best Giant Lawn Games

Giant games remind me of running through the sprinklers in my parents’ green backyard as a child during one of our many family BBQs. While we laughed and filled our bellies with good food, we also cherished the time to be together. The sun would begin to set and we would set up a big game outside to soak in all that was left in the day.

What is your favorite memory of playing with giant outdoor games? The good news is you can still create some memories with the ever-expanding variety of best giant lawn games. Here are some jumbo games you can use to create those memories with your kids as well.

1. Giant Jenga

Who doesn’t love a good game of Jenga? With giant Jenga, you can quadruple the fun with the large wooden pieces and build a tower as tall as you! Try as you might to not tip it over, but the heavy pieces make it a real challenge to sturdy up.

2. Giant Connect 4

A game of strategy like Connect 4 intrigues the brain to make a move the opponent might not see coming. With the jumbo Connect 4, you really have to take in the whole view to make sure you’re not on the losing side. Both kids and adults will enjoy playing this giant game!

3. Wooden Lawn Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a classic game and many children find their strategic selves when learning how to play the game. Turn it up a notch with a wooden lawn sized Tic Tac Toe game. Set up the wooden squares on the lawn and place your X’s and O’s for some much needed fun.

4. Bubble Football

I have yet to try this one because I’m afraid of falling down and not being able to get back up. However, wouldn’t that just be the most hilarious thing ever? Being wrapped in a giant bubble while playing a game of touch football is a comical sight. Add in the turtle-like movements it takes for you to get back up off the ground and you’re sure to laugh until you can’t breathe anymore!

If football isn’t your thing, you can still utilize the giant bubbles to play other games. Or you could just suit up and run around the yard hoping you don’t fall!

5. Yard Dice- Yahtzee

The concept of Yahtzee might buzz over your children’s heads, but they can still have fun with some giant yard dice! Roll the dice around the yard and see who can get the highest roll. Use the dice to play for perks. After they’ve gone down for a nap or bedtime, sneak in your own jumbo Yardzee session with your adult friends or loved ones.

6. Jumbo Bowling Set

Do your kids enjoy a day at the bowling alley knocking down pins, eating snack bar food, and trying for a strike? A jumbo bowling set would be the perfect addition to your backyard! You and your kids can bowl outdoors and still have all the fun, sans those reused bowling shoes.

Wait for the sun to go down and incorporate your own night bowling game with some yard lights, tiki torches, or glow-in-the-dark accessories.

7. Giant Chess

Another game of strategy is the game of Chess. Nowadays, there are various styles of Chess boards, but none compare to the jumbo outdoor version of Chess! If your kids aren’t familiar with the rules of the game, now is a great time to teach them in a larger format on the lawn.

8. Giant Checkers

The same goes for Checkers as it does for Chess. Utilize a giant outdoor Checkers game to continue to teach your kids. Checkers might be the easier version of strategy games to play with your kids. Games full of strategy are bound to enhance your kids’ thinking processes as they race to beat their opponent and crown themselves king!

9. Jumbo Dominoes

Math and fun all in one? That sounds like a pretty perfect game if you ask me. Now make it even more fun with the giant Domino set to use outside and you’ll most likely have an afternoon dedicated to fun and learning. Win-win!

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10. Giant Emoji Memory Game

Test your kids’ memories by using a large outdoor game like the huge emoji memory game. From one end of the lawn to the other, mix up the matching pairs and see if your child can remember where the pairs are. For extra fun, use a countdown method and challenge them to a marathon of remembering and competition.

11. Outdoor Inflatable Darts

A perfect game for an outdoor party is playing darts on a jumbo inflatable dart board. Usually, this game is played on a much smaller scale and precision is key. However, with this giant target blown up in your yard, how could you miss? See who has the better aim and keep track of everyone’s attempts to keep it interesting.

12. Supersized Soccer

Regular soccer games are fun games to play whether it be for competition or just because. To take soccer to a whole new level, try out a supersized soccer game! With a giant inflatable soccer ball bouncing and rolling around, you’re bound to have some great laughs.

In addition to soccer, you can also use the giant ball to play other games like kickball or just for kicks. (Pun intended!)

13. Giant Pickup Sticks

I can’t decide if playing the regular sized version or the jumbo game is easier? Either way, using these giant outdoor pick up sticks will create loads of fun outdoors and can be used indoors as well. These sticks come unfinished, which makes them slightly bowed adding an extra challenge to the game.

14. Humongous Bubble Blast

Bubbles are a kid’s best friend. There never seems to be enough bubble time in the world for them. Now, you can explore bubbles further with humongous bubbles using giant bubble wands! Compete to see who can make the biggest bubble and watch which bubbles last the longest. When they pop, your kids are sure to giggle in delight.

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15. Scrabble Giant Board

Some spelling fun for your kids or for adults, using giant wooden letters outside is a great way to pass the time. Teach them how to score their words to make the spelling more fun and competitive. Incorporate the use of a timer to promote quick spelling, which adds to the challenge!

For adults, host an outdoor wine night complete with giant Scrabble. This will surely become a tradition!

16. Giant Horse Shoes Yard Game

Horse shoes are a game meant for the great outdoors typically played by adults. But gigantic horse shoes? Now that is a game for both kids and adults. Giant horse shoes are made of plastic instead, making them more durable and longer lasting when playing with kids. Use this giant game for any occasion, but especially for that big BBQ day you’ve been planning.

17. Giant Uno

The perfect way to spend a pool party or a day at the beach! Bring along your giant Uno playing cards for loads of laughs and entertainment. Just like a regular Uno game, you don’t want to be the one holding the most cards. You especially don’t want to be the one holding the most giant cards!

18. Jumbo Playing Cards

In addition to giant Uno cards, try out some jumbo playing cards! With these cards, you can play any regular card game. Teach your kids how to play your favorite games or play classic games like ‘Go Fish.’ It will surely be a fun challenge to not show your cards with their giant print.

Additionally, you can engage in a card house building game. These larger cards hold a little more weight so the opportunity to blow over is a little less than regular sized cards. However, the challenge is still there to build the perfect card house without it falling over!

Enjoy Playing Giant Games Outside!

No matter the occasion, you can always find a great reason to fit in some giant outdoor games. They could be used for purely entertainment purposes or even extra educational opportunities. Connect with your kids or with your adult friends surrounding these best giant lawn games for some great laughs and memories!

What giant games have you used before? Do you have a favorite memory playing any of these jumbo games?
Giant Yard Games for Kids

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