20 of the Best Activities for Kids to Do in the Springtime

Last Updated May 03, 2020

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How do you make springtime a fun time for your kids? Is it the simple outings you take with them? Or the memorable projects you do together at home?

No matter the activity, springtime is a great time for kids to explore outdoors and find new spring activities for them to do.

Each year, our house is focused on spring cleaning and getting ready for summer. We go through all our closets and dressers to get rid of older clothes. We find ways to donate unused items in our home.

Finally, we tackle the garage and try to organize things. The kids are less than thrilled with any of these tasks, which makes it challenging to get them involved.

However, what I didn’t realize was that we were so focused on getting ready for summer that we forgot to enjoy what spring had to offer. With all the cleaning, purging, and donating, my family wasn’t taking the time to enjoy the warmer weather or connect with each other.

No longer will spring fall to the wayside! This year, we will be intentional about how we spend our spring days connecting as a family.

Spring activities can be just as fun and memorable as summer activities. Here are some fun and easy activities to incorporate this spring with your kids.

20 Fun + Creative Spring Activities for Kids

20 Spring Activities for Kids

There is no better time to incorporate some outdoor activities and crafts with your kids than during spring. Each activity here will help you connect, learn, and grow with your kids’ imaginations. Make this spring one to remember!

1. Scavenger Hunt

Keep your kids busy with a scavenger hunt they can do outdoors or inside. Find objects from the cards and keep track of how many everyone hunts down. Turn it into an educational activity with some competition of who can find the most items and discuss what makes each item interesting.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Printables

Find Me!

Find Me! Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Quick Spy

Quick Spy Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Clean Up Scavenger Hunt

Clean Up Scavenger Hunt

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2. Dino Eggs Dig Kit

Engage those young minds with an activity centered around dinosaurs. This dino eggs dig kit comes with endless amounts of fun. With 12 fossil eggs, dinosaurs inside, and excavation tools with a guide, you’re sure to spark some paleontology magic with your kids. Hide the dinosaur eggs around your yard and challenge your kids to find the most eggs!

3. Race Car Wood Craft Kit

Crafting kits are convenient because they provide you with all the materials you need to complete a craft. Try a wooden car crafting kit for some racing fun! Teach your kids the different parts of a car as you put each piece together.

Add your own personal touch to each car and paint it with some fun racing stripes, some flames, or even add your lucky winning number on the door.

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4. Fuzzy Poster Assortment

There are those spring days that call for some showers. If that is the case, keep the spring spirit alive with fun fuzzy posters that remind you of warmer spring days! Let your kids’ creativity bound as they create their own masterpieces on some fun poster paper.

Add these finalized masterpieces to some frames and use them as decorative spring pieces around your home or in your kids’ rooms.

5. DIY Wooden Birdhouses

Birdhouse crafts engage both engineering and creativity. Put together some wooden birdhouses and decorate them as you wish. Have your children place the finished birdhouses around your yard and watch for some new neighbors to move right in!

6. Backpack Nature Explorer

The next time you are out exploring nature on a hike or a walk around your neighborhood, take a nature explorer guide with you to make it even more interesting.

An explorer’s guide suggests items you can look for on your walk like bugs, flowers, birds, rocks, etc. Learn about each new thing your kids find and discuss how these things are important to nature. Maybe even start a collection for your kids to inspire them to continue their exploration.

7. Slime Making Kit

A perfect time to try some slime fun is during outdoor play time. Less mess to clean up! A slime kit gives your kids the opportunity to experiment with different colors and textures of their slime. Try out some glow-in-the-dark and color changing powder as well for that extra “Wow!” factor.

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8. Spring Wooden Chimes

As the breezy spring days approach, be reminded of the fresh air with some wind chimes. The best part is that your kids can create their own wooden wind chimes and hang them around your yard. The unfinished wooden pieces give them the opportunity to be creative with how they want to welcome spring!

Additionally, they can give their handmade wind chimes to others as gifts. How fun would it be for them to have their craft displayed in someone’s home?

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9. Jumbo Paper Pinwheels

Another perfect outdoor decorative piece is a pinwheel. Did you know that pinwheels can be used to keep snakes out of your yard? Have your kids put together and decorate their own jumbo pinwheels.

Afterwards, they can plant the pinwheels around the yard for some fun decor that they can see each day.

10. Foam Flower Wreath

Welcome spring into your home with a foam flower wreath! Your kids can design the wreath any which way they please with the included foam flowers from the kit. Once they are happy with the finished wreath, it’ll be ready to hang on your front door for all to see.

11. Outdoor Gardening for Kids

Incorporate the love of gardening into your kids’ lives with an activity guide to indoor and outdoor gardening. Kids can learn the importance of gardening and how they can start their own garden through the activities in the book.

To keep it interesting for them, use the guide to actually start a garden in your own home that they can nurture. Hands-on learning can be the best learning tool!

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12. Stained Glass Sun Catchers

For younger kids, incorporate some fun fine motor skills activities with this butterfly stained glass sun catcher craft. Let them create their own masterpiece how they want and hang the butterflies on the windows. The sunlight hitting the butterflies will create a beautiful display of dancing colors in your home.

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13. Paper Mâché Flower Pots

Liven up your garden area with some unique, fun, and handmade paper mâché flower pots. Your kids can enjoy creating silly faces with the foam adhesive pieces that will surely make everyone laugh. These pots are great to place in a garden bed, inside the house, or around your front yard. Enhance your kids’ planting abilities with these kits.

14. Paint Your Own Stepping Stones

Decorate your garden or use these stepping stones around your yard to liven things up. These stepping stones that your kids can paint themselves would be the perfect touch to your yard.

Place them in a hopscotch pattern for even more fun. Or imagine the grass is lava and the stepping stones are the only way across!

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15. Dinosaur Fairy Garden in a Jar Terrarium Kit

Try this perfect science kit and have your kids explore the world of dinosaurs through this dinosaur fairy garden terrarium. Explore more opportunities to plant and nurture your outdoor space. Your kids can take pride in the gardens they create within their terrarium and they can watch their mini garden glow with the incorporated LED light on the lid!

Find ways to talk about the different dinosaurs included and see how the plants grow around each dinosaur.

16. Pottery Wheel Craft Kit

Do you enjoy engaging in art activities with your kids? Take time to learn or teach them a new skill this spring with this pottery wheel craft kit.

Set up shop outdoors and draw your inspiration from the things you and your kids can hear, feel, and see while outside. Use the pieces you create with your kids to decorate your yard, give as a gift, or use for your next BBQ.

17. Backyard Birding Flashcards

Bird watching can be a fun, relaxing, and educational spring activity to do with your kids. Use these birding flashcards to identify the different types of birds that visit your backyard. Challenge your kids to draw each bird they see and learn what makes each bird unique and different from one another.

Have your children count how many birds they see each day and recognize any patterns of when the birds come and go.

18. Crystal Growing Science Experiment

Challenge older kids’ imaginations with this advanced STEM science kit. These crystal growing experiments can be created outdoors. Once your kids have followed the directions to get their crystals to start growing, you can place them in the see-through jars to watch them grow.

Imagine these crystals shining in the sunlight displayed around your yard! Who needs light bulbs when you have crystals?

19. Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt

Take a walk on a nearby trail and take some nature scavenger hunt cards with you. Have your kids participate in a scavenger hunt along the way that incorporates learning opportunities.

These scavenger hunt cards ask you to find things that are round, tall, red, etc. Place the cards next to the items you find on your walk and snap a picture for your spring photo album!

20. Color Your Own Wooden Bug Keychain

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are generally around the middle and end of spring time. Have your kids make special spring gifts for loved ones for these special occasions, such as these DIY wooden bug keychains. Now, their crafts can be carried alongside the people they love the most.

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Which Spring Activities Will Your Kids Enjoy?

With the various opportunities to spend time outdoors this spring, how do you most look forward to spending the warm spring days? We love having the opportunity to liven up our home with crafts and DIY projects that are handmade. Spring time is the perfect time to begin new traditions!

Whether you have younger or older kids in your household, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate some spring activities.

How will these activities for kids make a difference in your spring this year? Have you already tried some of these spring activities for kids? What was your experience and which activities did your kids like the most?

Spring activities that kids crave

Fun Springtime Activities for Kids

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