DIY Checkerboard Game for Kids to Decorate, Play or Gift

Last Updated Apr 03, 2020

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A diy checkerboard with holiday or seasonal themed pieces is the perfect craft that involves the whole family. Made entirely from stone and shale, the family can play checkers both indoor and outdoor. Use this diy checkerboard for seasonal decoration, family game nights or a diy gift to a loved one!

Painted stone checker pieces can be custom made for any holiday or theme. We made an adorable set of pumpkins and ghosts just in time for the upcoming Halloween season. Before November arrives, we’ll be sure to have rocks selected and painted for Thanksgiving and Christmas too!

We’ll go over the entire process with you so that you can create a diy checkerboard. The checker game pieces can be made by kids with love and creativity!

8 Steps to an Outdaoor Checkerboard

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Painted rocks are an ongoing fad that we enjoy using in our various diy games and activities. This diy tic tac toe game can also be created as a gift or party game in different themes for any holiday.

DIY Checker Game Supplies

*Keep in mind that even though the game board rock is large, it is not extremely heavy. We used shale which is not actually as hard as rock (it can be easily split or broken so be careful not to drop it). If you find a flat large rock that cannot be moved around often, have someone help you move it to a permanent outdoor location.

flat rock for checkerboard

*Once you purchase the paint brushes, rock paint and sealant, you’ll be glad you have them for future projects! Rock painting is addicting.

sdiy checkerboard supplies

How to make a Checkerboard and Checkers

This adorable Halloween checkerboard with game pieces was made entirely of painted rocks. Change your board’s theme easily by making different sets of painted rocks.

diy checkers

1. Choose your 24 game piece rocks along with your large flat rock that will fit the game board. Scrub or at least wipe each rock with a damp cloth to remove any loose debris.

2. Paint 12 small rocks one color and 12 small rocks another color. After completely dry, repeat for a thick coat.

3. While waiting for the small rocks to dry, paint your game board white. Allow this to dry completely and add a second layer for a thick coat.

4. Paint faces or designs on your rock pieces. We went with a holiday theme for our game pieces!

diy checker pieces

5. Using straight edge, measure and trace a 10″ by 10″ square onto your large flat stone. If you’re a perfectionist and want a perfect square, you should first outline your board using a pencil. The best way to get this first square correct is to trace a square object onto the stone.

6. Measure 8 equal squares sides on each end of the board to prepare your individual squares. Use a straight edge or ruler to connect your lines from one end of the board to the other.

7. Mark every other square with a “B” and then paint each of those black. You can use painters tape to make this step quicker but still be mindful of creating your own straight edges. Since the rock’s surface is not completely flat, some paint could get under the paint tape.

8. Seal your completed checkerboard and checker pieces once they are completely dried. Do not skip this step! Even if you will keep this game indoors only, it will need to be sealed so that the rocks don’t scratch the paint off.

diy checkerboard

Optional: If you’re creating this checkerboard as a gift or for decoration, you can also add themed embellishments around the board’s edges. Be creative!

DIY Checkerboard for Kids

A Halloween checkerboard is just one of many themes you can make with this diy checkers game. Make one generic checkers board and then create different themed checkers pieces for every season!

Rock painting is a lot of fun and using those pieces for your diy games at home are perfect for all ages.

diy checkers game board

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