DIY Slingshot: How To Make A Rubber Band Slingshot

Last Updated May 03, 2020

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You pick up a small branch and think, “wow, this is the perfect size and shape for a diy slingshot.” But then you quickly wonder how to make a slingshot at home?

How to Make a DIY Slingshot with a Stick + Rubber Bands

Homemade slingshot designs

Keep in mind that homemade slingshot designs vary greatly and we only show you one simple way in this tutorial. This diy slingshot is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children because it is quick and easy to assemble using common household items (and a stick).

diy slingshot

Even without knowing anything about slingshots including how they work or how they are made, a child will love this diy slingshot no matter what.

Supplies Needed for a diy slingshot

  • 1 sturdy slingshot shaped stick
  • 6 rubber bands (thicker rubber bands work the best)
  • 1 cup with holes (or substitute with cardboard)
  • plenty of ammo (we used baby crab apples)

homemade slingshot designs

how to make a rubber band slingshot

First, locate the perfect stick for your diy slingshot. It can be small, medium or large, but it must be strong. A flimsy stick or live branch will not work. We chose a large dead branch and broke off the extra lengths to shape it into our slingshot.

how to make a rubber band slingshot

Next, choose a container that already has some holes in the bottom (we lucked out with our little blue cup!) or find a plastic container that you can easily put holes into. If there is no container available, create your slingshot launcher out of a rectangle piece of cardboard and cut your holes into the cardboard.

Next, thread your rubber bands through the back of your container and extend them as needed to reach from one side of your slingshot to the other. Don’t stress about the even lengths because you can adjust it after placing the mechanism on your stick.

String your launcher between the widespread sticks and center it by wrapping the excess band length around one side or the other. Notice we had to loop the right side of our diy slingshot two times and the left side just once.

how to make a slingshot at home

Grab some pine cones, crab applies, stones or stick pieces and launch away! Set up a target and teach the little ones how to aim and shoot!

Launching a slingshot

How to make a slingshot at home

The trick to making a slingshot at home is to piece your device together using on hand. It’s not too difficult to locate a dead branch that you can snap your slingshot handle from and rubber bands can be found in most homes.

Homemade slingshots are free as long as you can locate that perfect stick and just a few rubber bands!

Give this diy slingshot a try today and let us know in the comments how the kids loved it. This is the perfect kids activity for fall, spring or summer and can almost always be completed using items on hand!

DIY Slingshot for Kids

DIY Sling Shot Kids

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