Moms Collab originally started as an interactive Facebook community for moms to come together and discuss kids activities, games, crafts and ideas.

About Moms Collab Kids Activities Educational Fun Indoor Outdoor Hands onWe still welcome moms into our group on a daily business and love seeing the excitement of kids that enjoy our activities! Please join us right here.

In September of 2018, became the official place online for moms to return again and again to find activities for kids. Whether you are a stay at home mom, work at home mom or you work out of the home, you probably still need ideas for entertaining your kids. Toddlers, preschoolers and elementary students alike will love the activities, crafts and games discussed here at Moms Collab!

We work hard to bring fun activities in front of you so that you can enjoy spending the most time with your kids. We know first hand that fun, hands-on interaction helps educate and teach our kids to love learning something new each day.

What we’re all about at Moms Collab

  • how to interact more with our kids
  • how to enjoy time with our kids
  • how to work from home with kids
  • how to juggle home life with work life
  • learning techniques at home
  • indoor activities for kids
  • outdoor activities for kids
  • activities for kids at home
  • fun activities for kids
  • potty training
  • craft activities for kids
  • gift ideas for all ages
  • organizing
  • scheduling

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