Wooden Train Set Imaginarium Express Turntable Toy Review

Last Updated Jun 20, 2020

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2020 Update – The Imaginarium Express Turntable Train Set is no longer available, but this set is a fantastic alternative!

The Imaginarium Express Turntable Train Set makes a perfect gift for both boys and girls. Children of all ages will spend hours playing with this self-contained train set.

There are different themed wooden train sets available, tabletop sets, and expansion packs to add to a set that a child feels she/he has outgrown.

A wooden train set encourages imagination and creativity in children of all ages!

Imaginarium Express Turntable Train Set Video Toy Review

Complete 40 Piece Train Set

The Imaginarium Express complete train sets are no joke! My personal favorite is the Imaginarium Express Turntable Train Set – a 40 piece, full wooden track train set for children. A child enjoys variety and completeness in a toy set of any kind, and a 40 piece train set is sure to impress kids of all ages!

Easy Assembly

Young children (ages 2 – 3) may need assistance the first few times of play, but after practice and hands-on experience, the Imaginarium Express Turntable Train Set is a breeze to assemble! Kids ages 4+ will enjoy this set and master the setup in no time!

Multiple Track Layouts & Expandable

The nice thing about the Imaginarium Express Turntable Train Set is that it is not bound to one simple setup. The pieces provided are more than enough for kids to be creative and set up their train tracks in different ways each time they bring it out to play. Just when you think your child may have outgrown his/her train set, think again. These sets are completely expandable with affordable expansion packs of various sizes!

Durable Wooden Tracks & Plastic Components

Imaginarium Train Sets are durable! The track portions and trains are made of wood and the turntables are made of a durable plastic. The additional accessories are made of plastic and will not easily break!

Easy Cleanup with Self Storage Container

My personal favorite feature of the Imaginarium Express Turntable Train Set is that it is self-contained in the blue train station for an easy and quick clean up! Kids don’t even feel like they are picking up their toys because it just feels like the train “belongs” in its storage container. A win for moms!

Wooden Train Turntable

We love the wooden train set by Imaginarium Express so much in our home that we would like to share it with you! Take a look at the sets available and let us know what you think!

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