The Top 10 Alarm Clocks for Kids

Last Updated May 01, 2020

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As a parent, I can completely appreciate the opportunity to get more sleep. My child is still pretty young so I know sleep is not something I can fully get right now. However, when the time comes, I am looking forward to introducing him to an alarm clock that will help him learn when he should be coming to wake me!

Alarm clocks are important for kids to have in their rooms. For the young ones, the clock is a way for them to recognize their numbers. As they get older, they learn to correlate time with each part of the day.

Finally, they get to the point in their childhood where an alarm clock helps them stay on top of their daily tasks and keeps them on a routine. Who knew how important an alarm clock could be in a kid’s life?

best alarm clocks for kids

10 Awesome Kids Alarm Clocks

One of the top things to look for when considering awesome kid alarm clocks is what functionality will work best for your child. Some children in the same household may benefit from completely different styles of alarm clocks. Try to incorporate their tastes, styles, and opinions into the selection of their very own alarm clock!

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” -Leo Tolstoy

Implement the importance of patience and time into your kid’s world beginning at an early age.

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1. LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise

An alarm clock that has a night light and sound machine all included sounds like a steal! LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer is cute to look at and helps train your kid to know when to wake and when to stay in bed. For a parent, this alarm clock is a dream come true.

Great for young kids starting around three years old


  • Grows with your kid featuring three different sleep sounds for your kid to choose from. Additionally, there are five night light colors to help your kid get the best night’s sleep to their favorite lighting.
  • This alarm clock has various colors and facial expressions to let your little one understand when it is time to wake up. The yellow light shows up half an hour before wake up time and then the green light illuminates when it is time!


  • It works like it says;
  • Easy to use and program;
  • Eye catching design.


  • Easy to unplug (which can be tempting for younger kids to touch);
  • No parent app to allow for programming from phone instead of using the buttons on the clock.

2. HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

Bright digital LED clock that helps your kid learn and recognize their numbers. This colorful sunrise alarm clock helps gently wake kids with a gradually brightening light and a dimmer for when it is time to go to bed.

Best for elementary-aged kids up to and including adults


  • Nature sounds and FM Radio options for you kid to choose from. Let them decide which sound they want to wake up to!
  • Eight colorful LED options provide plenty of light for a night light option or can be used as a side table light.


  • Easy to set the time and alarm;
  • Soothing sounds;
  • Works as described.


  • Various button options can make it too easy to accidentally shut off the scheduled alarm;
  • There is not an option for daylight savings settings.

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3. Mirari OK! to Wake Alarm Clock

This Mirari OK to Wake! alarm clock made it on the list of best alarm clocks for kids because of its fun design that kids of many ages will enjoy! Additionally, the different color indicators are helpful for parents to get more sleep.

This clock is appropriate for ages 3-5 years old to teach them to understand when it is okay to wake. Also appropriate for children over 5 years old to learn to use the alarm clock feature.

Best for ages 3-5 years old


  • Green light indicator that lets your kid know when it is okay for them to get up so that parents can get more sleep.
  • Different animations your kids can choose from by tapping the alarm’s toe and selecting which face they want displayed each day.


  • Green light indicator works well for young kids to understand wake time;
  • Helps create routines for kids.


  • USB cord that comes with the product is short, therefore, causing this product to need to be closer to an outlet in the room;
  • Nightlight has a timer not lasting more than two hours.

4. Learn & Climb Kids

This star-shaped, color-changing Learn & Climb Kids Ok to Come Out of Bed alarm clock keeps your kid happy in their room until it is time to wake. This helps them understand when it is too early to wake Mommy and Daddy. Teach them the importance of sleep with this awesome alarm clock option as well.

Appropriate for toddler-aged children


  • Four color light changing system teaches your kid when it is time to wake.
  • Easy settings to use to program the clock and set wake times.
  • USB cord and adapter for immediate use right out of the box. Battery operated option as well just in case of a power outage.


  • Easy to set-up;
  • Extra features like the storybook and reward chart system within the packaging;
  • Instructions were easy to use.


  • Durability;
  • Some issues with the USB port becoming stuck.

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5. Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp

The reason this Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker clock made it onto the best alarm clock for kids list is because of the many functionality pieces it offers. The fun colors are appealing for kids at many stages in their life. Tweens will especially enjoy the more young adult features as they transition into a new stage of life.

Great for kids of all ages, especially the tweens and up to college-age


  • 5-in-1 functions: Bluetooth speaker, touch sensor LED lamp, alarm clock, MP3 player, and hands free call all in one alarm clock!
  • 48 colors changing LED light to appeal to any of your kid’s likes.
  • Large capacity rechargeable battery.


  • Sound quality and volume are great;
  • Great design;
  • Colors of the light are attractive and can be used as a decorative piece.


  • Set-up is complex;
  • Buttons aren’t easy to use.

6. Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

Looking for a simplistic yet vibrant alarm clock for your kid? This LED Digital alarm clock will do just the trick. With the large display and dimmer, this clock will surely fit many kids’ preferences.

Recommended for school-age children and older


  • Seven colored night lights for your kid to choose from.
  • Full range dimmer.
  • Plug in and easy operation alarm clock for kids to use.


  • Easy to read;
  • Easy to use;
  • Works well and can be set-up easily.


  • Dimmer is sensitive to the touch;
  • ‘Off’ button is not easily accessible.

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7. LBell Colored Simulation Wake-Up Light

This uniquely designed Wake Up Sunrise alarm clock will definitely catch your eye and become a focal piece for your kid’s bedroom. The dual-purpose night light and alarm clock feature makes this one of the best alarm clocks for tweens. The calming wake-up simulation will make for better sleep habits for everyone.

Recommended for tweens


  • Seven colored night light/sunrise simulation and sleep aid.
  • Dual alarm clock feature.
  • FM radio clock and USB port.


  • White noise features are soothing;
  • Calming way to wake up instead of jolting awake like traditional alarm clock noises;
  • Able to charge other devices with the included USB port.


  • Some challenges when programming;
  • Buttons aren’t easy to manipulate;
  • Smaller in size.

8. Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock for Kids

Contrary to the name of this clock, it is actually a cute little puppy dog holding a ball that changes colors for sleep training purposes. The little alarm clock is a great starter clock for young ones. Teach your kids to stay in bed longer so that you can get even more sleep.

Recommended for toddler boys and girls


  • Ball glows red to indicate time to sleep and will change to green to indicate when it is time to wake up.
  • Two alarms and a nap timer.
  • Utilizes an AC adapter, but includes a battery compartment as a backup.


  • Easy to use;
  • Works like it says it does;
  • Improved sleep for both parents and kids.


  • Buttons can be accessible and manipulative to the kids;
  • Battery power is used up quickly.

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9. My Tot Clock Toddler Clock

My Tot Clock has many features that makes this clock stand out against many other toddler clocks. Change the face of the clock to better match the theme of a bedroom or appeal to your toddler’s wants. With its kid-friendly design, your toddler won’t want this clock to be out of their sight!

Recommended for kids in the toddler age group


  • Plays bedtime stories, lullabies, wake up music, and white noise.
  • Energy saver.
  • Hidden parent control.
  • Uses five colors to help toddlers understand when it is bedtime, wake time, nap time, fun time, and thinking time/timeout.


  • Easy to set;
  • Battery backup is included for power outages;
  • Helpful for sleep training.


  • Smaller in size;
  • The blue light can be too bright for some.

10. Mpow Digital Curved Digital Alarm Clock

Simple, easy, awesome alarm clock for kids to use. Get your school-age kids or tweens this Mpow Digital alarm clock for an easier transition into responsibility.

Best used by school-age kids and older


  • Blue LED display numbers with a dimmer for your adjusting needs.
  • Multiple alarm sounds to choose from.
  • Power adapter included.


  • Easy to understand;
  • Nice alarm sounds;
  • Bright enough to see in the middle of the night.


  • No battery backup (in the event of a power outage);
  • Snooze button is small.

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There’s a Perfect Alarm Clock For Kids of All Ages

When considering the best alarm clocks for kids, make sure you include your kids in the decision making process as well. There are so many choices and variations of alarm clocks that will appeal to each kid differently.

Many of the alarm clocks listed here will grow with your kids as they get older and cross over through the various stages of their childhood. You might even find an alarm clock that you want for yourself!

What kind of features do you look for when searching for an alarm clock? How do you know you’ve found the perfect one for your kid?

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